About truster.org

Truster.org was invented and made by Sysmesh Ltd. It is aimed to give a free, simple and reliable reputation system for all worldwide internet users utilizing the latest OpenId technology to uniquely identify users.

The idea behind Truster.org

We had been working for years on the Internet, holding sites, buying and selling them and developing sites and we always found it annoying that we can't prove that we can be trusted by buyers or research the reputation of the sellers we did business with.
This lead to cases in which it took longer to make a deal or some cases in which we got scammed or cheated by people that had no known reputation.
The idea on Truster.org is that you can have one place with reputation data regardless of where (what site) you are active at. We know people tend to move from one site to another and we had identified the need for a central reputation system which will allow users to take the reputation with them between sites.

Are you a VC start up?

Nope. We are a private company and we provide this service as an "as is" service for free out of the pure intention of providing a better and safer web usage for people like us doing business and transactions online.